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How to Enable HTTPS on blogger for custom domains

How to Enable HTTPS on blogger for custom domains

You may have seen notes like this:
Update: Google has Officialy released the SSL Certificates for Blogger Blogs with Custom domains, So you no longer need to follow this long guide to enable HTTPS on your blog 
in places such as this:

but then you take a look in your blogger settings and see the sad news: Warning: HTTPS is not available at the moment for custom domain blogs.

And then you find tips that draft mode could solve this problem but cause other problems.

Rather than formally enable draft mode and suffer it's slings and arrows of misfortune, just access the blog settings via draft mode; change from:


Lo and behold, you now get the choice:

Say "yes" and watch it change
Though it may take some time to process

The change remains even when you switch back away from draft in the address bar

And a short while later, your google blog works via HTTPS.


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