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Raspberry Pi powered Super-8 video cartridge replacement

Clem stuffs a Raspberry Pi and camera into a Super-8 sized cartridge so that you can take movies on any existing Super-8 camera you have kind around. The full retro experience with modern convenience!
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Hacking eInk Price Tags

Great work by Dmitry.GR  reverse engineering and hacking wireless eInk price tags to make updating grey-scale picture franes, Great work was done discovering eInk control waveforms to show greys and yellows and whites on 2 colour displays. See the full project here:

Turning Smashed TVs into Realistic Artificial Daylight

Skillshare 's DIY Perks (offering 2 months of Skillshare for FREE ) shows how to use the backlight and fresnel lens to emulate a window with a distant light source (the sun). The video shows the finished window, explains the principles of it working, and lead step by step through opening the TV removing the display panel removing the LCD from the display panel brief hall of mirrors  fun and games with the fresnel lens access to the light (CCFL tubes or LED strips) Note: there are high voltages used in some of the lighting circuits. For safety and simplicity, the video shows replacing the original lighting with LED strips, while retaining the original passive diffusers, fresnel lense and case

V4 solenoid engine

Emiel, of the Practical Engineer , shows how to make a crankshaft-based solenoid engine, demonstrating a press drill and a lathe. There's a detailed blog post with instructions  as well as a YouTube video  also show below.

Restore Hot Wheels Car

baremetalHW shows how to restore a toy Hot Wheels car that was spoilt with a dreadful paint job. He shows how to remove the old paint job, restore the metal through sanding, electro-plating, polishing, and re-painting. Also how to re-paint, apply decals, and apply replacement after-market windscreen and wheels. It's amazing to see the change.

Solar Powered 3D Printed Glass

Markus Kayser uses Sahara sun to sinter (melt and fuse) sand in a layered technique like 3D printing to produce glass objects. He gives a talk and explanation in his TEDx talk. If you subscribe to his YouTube channel , you will see his other sun-cutter video. In Bang Goes the Theory  these guys use focused sunlight to melt rock at 3,500 Celsius: "Just two square metres of sunlight can melt steel easily"