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Solar Powered 3D Printed Glass

Markus Kayser uses Sahara sun to sinter (melt and fuse) sand in a layered technique like 3D printing to produce glass objects. He gives a talk and explanation in his TEDx talk. If you subscribe to his YouTube channel , you will see his other sun-cutter video. In Bang Goes the Theory  these guys use focused sunlight to melt rock at 3,500 Celsius: "Just two square metres of sunlight can melt steel easily"

Raspberry Pi Virtual Floppy for ISA (PC XT/AT) Computers

Dr Scott M. Baker says: I was tired of carrying media back and forth to my homebuilt XT computer, so I used dual-ported RAM to build a virtual floppy replacement that serves floppy images up from a raspberry pi. A small BIOS extension loaded into the dual-ported RAM simulates a floppy disk drive. Requests are made by the ISA PC, and served by the raspberry pi.